New shoes causing you pain? Blister Magic can help.

Don’t let a blister ruin your run/hike.  Blister Magic can help prevent them.

If you work in the yard then you need Blister Magic

We have all done things that have caused discomfort and irritated our skin, which resulted in a blister.  As you know, one of the worst parts about getting a blister is having to put your shoes on the next day.  Not only will Blister Magic help prevent blisters, but also helps take the sting out of them.  Just apply some to your feet before a run or hike to help prevent a blister.  If you do happen to get a burn or a blister,  applying a small amount to the affected area.  This will helps to shrink the blister and to bring your skin back together.  Triathletes and Marathon runners are raving about how amazing it is and how they find it a necessity to have in their kit bags.

Blister Magic will help you to be able to concentrate on the race/run/hike and not on the blisters forming on your feet.  The last thing you want in a race is to be distracted.  Staying focused on your pace and getting the best time possible should be your focus.  A blister forming on your foot can also be a potential issue for other parts of you body.  As you start developing a blister, your body could subconsciously start to make little changes to your gate to avoid the dreaded sting.  This intern could put stress on you knees, hips or ankles.  Leaving you with more problems down the road.  

Also no need to pop the blister which could lead to an infection.  Just apply a little Blister Magic to the affected area and you will see how it can help to reduce the blister and help bring your skin back together.