New shoes causing you pain? Blister Magic can help.

Don’t let a blister ruin your run/hike.  Blister Magic can help prevent them.

If you work in the yard then you need Blister Magic

A blister is defined as a small pocket of bodily fluid within the upper layers of the skin, but most people just think of them as painful and annoying.  The most common causes of blisters are either from a burn or some type of friction on the skin.  The more active you are, the more likely you are to develop one or more blisters.

As you know, one of the worst parts about getting a blister is having to put your shoes on the next day.  With few opinions, most people will just place a bandage over the blister and limp around for a few days without much relief.  Now you can do more then just cover up a blister.  When you do happen to get a blister or a burn, apply a small amount of Blister Magic periodically to the affected area.  This helps to shrink the blister, bring your skin back together and helps take the sting away.  

A Blister is the last thing you want to be distracted by during a race.  Staying focused on your pace and getting the best time possible should be your focus.  A blister forming on your foot also has the potential of causing issue to other parts of your body.  As you start developing a blister, you could subconsciously start to make little changes to your gait to avoid the pain caused by the blister or to prevent it from getting worse.  This in turn could put stress on your knees, hips or ankles, leaving you with more problems down the road.  Blister Magic not only helps care for blister but it will also help prevent them.  This way you will be able to concentrate on the run, race, or hike and not on the blisters forming on your feet.   To do this just put a generous amount on your feet before the race.  It’s like adding an extra pair of socks.   

Also, no need to pop the blister.  This is one of the last things you should do because it introduces a pathway under your skin for bacteria to enter and grow.  Leading possibility to a serious infection.  By just apply a small amount of Blister Magic to the affected area periodically, you will not only see how it can help reduce the fluid in the blister, and bring your skin back together, but also help reduce the pain associated with the blister.

For these reasons, Triathletes and Marathon runners are raving about how amazing it is and how they find it a necessity to have in their kit bags.  Blister Magic is not just for runners or extreme athletes and not just for blisters.  It can be used daily on dry or flacking skin, bug bites and many more skin issues.

Blister Magic is a blend of three natural oils.  These oils are know for having great skin care properties and have been used topically for hundreds of years.  Our proprietary blend utilizes these powerful skin care properties and when combined they make a product that is capable of doing amazing thing for your skin.



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