Blister Magic is a revolution in blister care.  Whether you have a blister, want to prevent a blister, ease a sunburn, help with acne or stop the itch of a mosquito bite, Blister Magic is right for you.  Due to its proprietary blend of 100% natural oils and its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Blister Magic makes a superb skin care product with a multitude of uses.  It is not just for blister care.


Blister Magic is a runners best friend.  Runners are using it in a number of ways. Weather you’re a daily runner or taking part in a marathon, these are a few examples of how Blister Magic can be used.

  • It can help prevent a blister by applying a good amount to your feet before a long run or race.
  • If you need to sooth an existing blister then apply a small amount to the affected area.  Reapply as needed.  Remember a little goes a long ways.  Blister Magic works best if you get to the blister before it ruptures.  There is no reason to drain the fluid from the blister and risk getting an infection.   Blister Magic will help shrink the blister and help get your skin back together.
  • Chafed skin is another area where runners can benefit from having Blister Magic.  Applying Blister Magic to chafed area will help sooth the pain and get your skin back feeling good as new.
  • Blister Magic helps prevent chafed skin by applying to rub areas.


Blister Magic not only helps with blisters, but also with skin conditions, including acne, acne scarring, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes sores as well as dry and scaly skin.  Apply a small amount to affected area periodically and rub in.  Calluses are another skin condition that Blister Magic can help with.  Whether it is on your hands or feet, just apply Blister Magic to the callus and rub it into your skin nightly before you go to bed and before you know it your skin will be soft and smooth.


Working in the kitchen is not always the safest place and a wrong move can result in a burn.  Just grab some blister magic, place a small amount over the affected area and you will be surprised on how quickly it soothes the pain.

An abrasion are another skin issue that Blister Magic can help with.  Athletes tend to get these abrasion often.  Whether you are diving  for a loose ball on a basketball court, slide into second base, rolling around on a wrestling mat or sliding  on grass or artificial turf, Blister Magic can help with soothing the pain and getting your skin back to normal.   Just apply to the affected area periodically and before you know it your skin will be feeling much better.


Blister Magic works great on Mosquito bites.  The next time you are out enjoying the great outdoors and happen to get bitten by one of those pesky insects, just put a dab on the bite to help sooth your skin and stop the itch. If itch returns just simply reapply.


Parents enjoy watching their kids compete in sports but hate to see their children suffering with an injury.  Often these injuries are just minor scraps and bruises, but can also be the sting of  blisters on their feet or hands.   Blister Magic is a natural way to help sooth the pain and get them back to performing their best.  Just apply a small amount to the affected area periodically and rest assured that your child will be felling better in no time at all.


Have you ever had a shoe store representative say “don’t worry they will stretch out”.  Well sure, they eventually do stretch out but often at the cost of some of your skin on your feet and toes.  With blister magic you can help prevent those new shoes from becoming a problem for your feet.  Just rub in a little Blister Magic on the area of your feet where the shoes feel tight or where you tend to get blister and let it do its magic.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Caution: Contains a tree nut oil.