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Blister Magic is a proprietary blend of 100% all natural oils. This blend of oils makes a superb skin care product. It is also very nurturing and will leave your skin soft and silky smooth. It is rich in fatty acids. These powerful fatty acids and other components make this product work uniquely the way it does. Theses oils also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Blister Magic can also be used for more than tight shoes. Try it typically in other ways and you will see the true potential of this product.

External use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use. Oil can separate or form layers when left standing or if exposed to cold temperatures. Place in warm water and then shake the bottle. Store in a cool dry place

Ingredients: Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil, therapeutic grade lavender and tea tree oil.

Caution: Contains a nut oil. Do not use if you have nut allergies. Keep out of reach of children

Product weight NET 1 FL oz (30ml)

10 reviews for Blister Magic

  1. Kimberly Martin

    Amazing!!!! I have never had anything work so fast and effectively!

    After starting a new walking routine I had been fighting a very large blister on my left foot middle toe off and on for a couple weeks. It had come to the point that I couldn’t even wear shoes other than a pair of “flip flops”. Unfortunately, I had to leave town for a two-day event of wearing heals and being on my feet. Before leaving, I hit the local drug store late at night hoping to find a quick fix or something to help with the broken skin, pain and oozing. The next morning on my way out of town my “blessing” of a girlfriend offered an oil that she had but not yet tried. At this point I was willing to try anything. Since now, I could only wear a sock and had a 5-hour drive ahead of me. Once in the car I applied a small touch of oil, within an hour the pain started to subside. That same evening while getting ready for my event I gave it one more small pat of oil before strapping my heals on. I would be walking and standing for the next 5-6 hours. The entire evening my foot never hurt once. The next morning most of the cherry red color was gone and no pain! Gave it another pat of oil, slid the heels on, and four hours later still going strong! Within 30 hours my toe looks and feels new!!

    This is the “fountain of youth” for blisters! Going to give it a try on my dry skin spots.

    PS. Ordering my own bottle now.

  2. John Thelen

    I heard about blister magic from a friend at work she is a competitive runner. She has used it on blisters but also chafing. I borrowed her bottle and used it on blisters I received on both big toes following a10k race, I am 70 years old and any blisters or cuts take forever to heal but using the blister magic it seemed to heal quicker, no infection and was definitely less painful. I bought some and gave some to by adult kids also.

  3. Farideh Asayesh

    I was walking with high heals which I do not do too often anymore and got blisters. My sister had a bottle of blister magic and I tried it and love it. My blister was much less painful it usually takes a few days for the pain to go away but it went away much more rapidly. I also like the smell.

  4. Philip Helmstetter

    I have found using BlisterMagic to be absolutely vital in my kit bag.

    A liberal dose around my heels and even at wetsuit rub spots & I can now run and swim with no concerns! It goes on easily and it lasts for ages

    Phil Helmstetter

  5. Tami

    Amazing product! I did not have time to adequately train for a 1/2 marathon and was worried about blisters. I used blister magic and I did not even get a “hot spot”!! I could not believe it. I would highly recommend using blister magic.

  6. Grady

    Wow!!! I burnt my fingers on a cast iron skillet. The area that I burnt turned white immediately and the pain was intense. I had a small bottle of blister magic and immediately applied it to the burn areas. I re-applied the solution twice more that day and the next morning you could not see the burns and the burnt areas were not sore to the touch. It was amazing and I highly recommend Blister Magic!

  7. Paula Hodge – Western Australia

    My husband recently had a workshop incident where he required stitches to his finger and hand. Two weeks later and after using Blister Magic, the wound is healing amazingly and a scar barely noticeable.
    We would highly recommend Blister Magic and its healing powers .

  8. Natalie

    Excellent product for mosquito bites!! It takes the itch away in about 2 minutes. It also worked great at preventing blisters when I bought some new shoes.
    However, I am rating this product four stars because I still got a small blister when I ran a 10K. Fortunately the blister went away after about three days later after applying this product. It also has a strong “spa” smell when you first put it on, probably from the lavender, but then it goes away. I recommend blister Magic.

  9. Yvonne

    This stuff is not only magic, but it’s a MIRACLE! I came across this at a runner expo and figured I’d try it on my eczema which recently started to flare up and cortisone creams weren’t doing anything for it. Right after putting a small drop on it calmed my urge to itch. The redness and bumps decreased after a couple hours and within a few days of use my patches were under control. If you use it consistently it truly will work magic. I recently got my mom to try it on her eczema, which gets EXTREMELY bad, I mean her hands and feet become raw and look like second degree burns. She is always nervous to try anything new because she’s afraid it will cause her to breakout, but lately she’s been itching a lot, so I finally got her to just rub two pumps on her hands one night, and the next morning she was asking for more! She said it helped a lot, so now I’m ordering more to stock up. This stuff truly is amazing!!!

  10. Arthur Villar (verified owner)

    May 5, 2020
    About a month ago I badly burned two fingers on my hand. The steam burn left both fingers red and raw with initial pain being substantial. After cleaning and applying antibiotic for two days to the site, I started using Blister Magic. At this point I left the site open with no bandage. Applying a small amount of Blister Magic daily was adequate. The healing was fast and the pain subsided. There is now no indication of steam burn on my fingers. Initially it was not a pretty sight. I thought the healing process was accelerated due to the Blister Magic. It is a good product that soothes the skin from various issues. I recommend it and can’t think of a reason not to give it a 5 Star

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